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Who we are

In our Bitcoin faucet we offer small amounts of cryptocurrencies as a reward for completing simple tasks. In our faucet the task is to go through a link shortener and that's it, earn Bitcoin easily!

In this faucet we deliver Bitcoin. What is bitcoin? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency or virtual currency, specifically the first one that was developed. It is the cryptocurrency that has paved the way for all the others that came later using its technology. This technology is the blockchain, which is also used for other things.

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What we do offer

The best

We deliver more cryptocurrencies than the rest, claim them without limit

Unlimited claims

In our faucet you can win as many times as you want, we have unlimited claims

Instant payments

Payments are sent immediately through the FaucetPay wallet

Recent Payouts

User Reward Date
3KDTf4dzPyNLEMBSxyP46VUpC6fJAcshtP4 satoshi2023-06-01 16:16:30
14QA3CFGSG5AFyiv6CJrgUZDo7rgQHSJzL3 satoshi2023-06-01 16:16:04
1UPPJds9PxAMUzE6DV8Y84Tfogkf5TvbW3 satoshi2023-06-01 16:15:53
1FZQfAgEh9nhz9ecFd6Q8pZpHf2WcaMbM54 satoshi2023-06-01 16:15:49
1Jsx9ftB4JyFW8o4VHpQfkSKhEiT8E4kea3 satoshi2023-06-01 16:15:28
1BGHUjbXLaMogpJLrKU87G3iBoExuLkNto3 satoshi2023-06-01 16:14:37
13YtGMEAZRBw98krQrihgfpbbcuDnVvwNe3 satoshi2023-06-01 16:14:23
37ffRH8aSa81AyYPR7FjaPdocPpca4L1vX4 satoshi2023-06-01 16:14:21
1DwqBQ59Zqaekb5cKnZhZrVy8JYPXP4nk14 satoshi2023-06-01 16:13:53
14QA3CFGSG5AFyiv6CJrgUZDo7rgQHSJzL3 satoshi2023-06-01 16:13:51

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